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Claire Blake

Claire Blake


Claire spent the first part of her career as a lawyer in private practice negotiating PPP/PFI contracts across a range of sectors including schools, health care, defence and transport for both the public and private sectors.

She was then an Associate Director at the then newly created Scottish Futures Trust where she worked on the establishment of the hub Initiative (a partnership between the public and private sectors to deliver community facilities), and the initial hub projects - both DBFM and D&B.

More recently Claire has held more general leadership roles as Commercial Director on both the Scottish Government’s £400M Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband Project, the £600M Reaching 100% Superfast Broadband Project and as Interim Lead on Project Gigabit.

These commercial roles have given Claire the opportunity drive forward large procurements – managing and directing the input from the specialist legal, financial, technical and procurement advisers, whilst also managing stakeholder relationships across the board to ministerial level.

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