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We believe that everyone benefits from having a public sector which is empowered in its commercial relationships with the private sector.

The playing field is not always level, so our bespoke service aim to turn that on its head. We want to collaborate closely with you to understand your goals and create a flexible plan to achieve them.

We will step through a Definition Stage, where we agree on the desired outcomes and scope the amount of work and skill sets needed. This will allow you to articulate the challenges of your project internally to get stakeholder buy-in and create a business case to fund our engagement. 

Following this, the Design Stage provides a detailed plan for the delivery of the project, where activities and timescales are described in detail.

Next is the Delivery Stage, which may involve embedding Independent Intelligence into the team and project, guiding from behind the scenes, or upskilling internal resources to empower you moving forward. 

Below are our core service areas from which we can structure the service you require:

PPP/PFI Project Expiry & In Life Commercial Support

Numerous PPP projects across the country are reaching expiry over the next few years with the assets being handed back to the public sector. In most organisations, any PPP experience from when the contracts were originally let is long gone.

Our team includes individuals who participated in negotiating these original PPP contracts which gives us key insight to provide support to you during the hand-back process.

By ensuring that the private sector has complied with its obligations in terms of lifecycle and maintenance we can mitigate the risk of assets being handed back with huge liabilities.

We can foster relationships with Project Co to avoid disputes during the final hand-back negotiation and can even project manage the entire process for you.

Public Sector IT Infrastructure Support

Legacy Superfast Programmes – BDUK provided a template procurement process, with documentation (procurement, contracts, governance templates) that supported Local Bodies in the selection of a Broadband operator for their authority.

This resulted in a contract between the Local Body and the operator(s). This contract is long, has complex delivery and financial mechanisms and important clauses regarding the claw back of over funding to the authority. 

The obligations on the operator last far beyond the deployment of the infrastructure. We can provide support by auditing payment claims, forecasting gainshare and otherwise ensuring that you are being treated fairly by your supplier.

Project Services

We understand the particular needs of the Public Sector with regard to transparency, governance and accountability. 

This knowledge, underpinned by our highly qualified and experienced Project Managers and Programme/Project Directors gives you the comfort that your programmes are in safe hands and delivered with a sense of professional urgency.

Independent Intelligence

Innovating in infrastructure projects