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Strategy and Planning

Whether you are an established player in the market or a new entrant looking for new opportunities, we can help you at the outset in formulating your strategy for the delivery of IT infrastructure and services in the UK. Having been involved in the market for over 25 years from all angles – public and private sector – we have an excellent understanding of the issues and potential opportunities.

Commercial and market consultancy

All infrastructure exists because someone, somewhere had justified a public need or a business opportunity. In particular the infrastructure advancing the Digital age exists in a complex commercial, regulatory and technical environment. To negotiate this ever-changing territory requires the most up to date knowledge and expertise. Our work regularly involves talking with industry leads, regulatory and political stake-holders, funders and senior technologists. Allowing us to consider the optimal approach for your business. Our enviable experience of unlocking and managing public funding sources has led to a combined total of over £100m of grants from Europe, Central/Local Government and regional bodies.

Public sector Support

Even purely commercial projects are never really done in isolation of the public sector – whether you are needing to navigate the planning and permitting regime, want help from the regulator or government with a market issue or just want to understand what initiatives are coming down the track, we can help. With a wide range of contacts across the public sector and and experience in several large recent projects, we can provide advice and support in this area.

General Project Support

So much of the success of a project can relate to accurate data management, mapping, analysis and excellent PMO. We can provide support in each of these areas

Independent Intelligence

Innovating in infrastructure projects