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Strategy and Planning

Whether you are targeting a specific opportunity or deciding whether this is the market for you – we can help. With our extensive experience of delivering public sector procurements and the market generally, we can provide an insight into what their drivers are and help with planning an approach to deliver this – or not as the case may be!

Bid Delivery

Having made the decision to bid for a public sector contract, we can assist you with your understanding of the public sector drivers in procurement, how they will evaluate, and what they are really looking for. We can also help with the ‘softer’ but no less important issues in terms of how to approach meetings and how to win them over as your future client. So many decisions which are made by the authority in the course of a large procurement beyond evaluation can impact on a supplier’s chances of success – many of these taken by the project team with whom you are dealing – so it is important at all stages to maximise the chance that these decisions work in your favour.

Contract Management Support and Delivery

We can provide support in terms of resourcing during contract delivery or can provide ad hoc support as and when required. If for example you feel that relationships with the public sector team are not as they should be we can help with this or if there is an issue under the contract, we can assist with that.

General Project Support

So much of the success of a project can relate to accurate data management, mapping, analysis and excellent PMO. We can provide support in each of these areas.


Independent Intelligence

Innovating in infrastructure projects